Long term operating building automation, building monitoring systems, to ensure that buildings 
 “are in proper working order”

Planning, installation and maintenance of building automation systems:

  • with own employees
  • with tried out and tested, reliable Siemens systems
  • with user-friendly automatic systems
  • with strong technical background support
  • with on-site status checks

Our building automatics projects will be realized by us by using the Siemens Building Technology (SBT) product family.

  • Siemens Synco
  • Desigo PX,TX
  • Desigo Insight supervision

Additional warranty:

For the building automation systems - besides regular maintenance - we undertake maximum 5 years warranty.

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Additional services:

We eliminate and solve any problems that arise, using a 0-24 hour service available every day of the year, with a short arrival time.

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