Defensor humidors


Our company only deals with the distribution, maintenance and servicing of Defensor (Condair) humidifiers.

The air of rooms can be humidified by steaming, spraying or evaporating of water. With the help of Defensor (Condair), all the three humidification system can be implemented.

Why is Defensor (Condair) humidifier recommended?

  • Extremely reliable, globally well-known brand
  • Based on a hygienic operating principle
  • Can be characterized by high regulation precision (+-1%)
  • Can be operated by any water type (tap water, soft or hard water)
  • Regular maintenance increases the lifetime of the humidifier
  • Due to the scale bag, maintenance can be quickly and easily performed
  • Trendy and modern design


Defensor (Condair) spray humidifiers:

They provide a low level of dust formation and regulated humidity, which contributes to preserving the quality of the objects in the room.

Defensor (Condair) evaporative humidifiers:

The can be characterized by economical consumption and easy-to-handle design, as well as they ensure a hygienic environment.


Defensor (Condair) steam humidifiers:

They are the masters of steam humidification, the special descaling carried out during operation provides an easy maintenance, user friendly. 

Condair RS (Defensor MK5) párásító 

A brief summary of Defensor humidifiers with technical data:

The brochure compiled by us includes all information on all Defensor humidifiers marketed by us, in a short form. We hope this helps you have a better knowledge of the Defensor humidifier types.

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