Manufacturing of distribution box



Manufacturing of high current ( 0.4 kV) and building automation distribution boxes to the 3200A double bus distributors.

  • with own employees
  • with flexible deadlines
  • in our own workshop
  • with transport to the site, and installation

We build our distribution boxes with products from the following manufacturers: Schneider, Rittal, Siemens, ABB, Omron, Moeller, Schrack, Eaton, Hensel.

We have won the following prizes:

„Qualified Siemens Equipment Manufacturer „ 2002

Having received this certification, we have become the only company in Hungary able to assemble distribution boxes of SIEMENS components SIEMENS building automatics or PLC elements in a certified way.

„Accentuated assembling partner of Schneider Electric”, 2005

By having received the certification, our company produces with certification Schneider-distributors to Schneider building automation.

Additional warranty:

For the distributor boxes - besides regular maintenance - we undertake maximum 5 years warranty.

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Additional services:

We eliminate and solve any problems that arise through a 0-24 hour services in charge any day of the year, with short on-site arrival times.

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