Heat- and smoke exhaust systems



The heat- and smoke exhaust systems can't be missed from any building nowadays.

Inhalation of a small volume of hot smoke gas results in certain death. We can reach the most efficient protection in the case of fire by exhausting the resulted gases into the free space.

Our heat- and smoke exhaust systems:

  • these ones are exhausting the toxic smoke gases off the building
  • they guarantee the smoke-free stage of the escape routes
  • provide transparency for the fire brigade arriving at the site
  • solve the ventilation of the building, providing fresh air on such a way
  • by removal of the escape gases and decomposition products they are reducing latter fire damages

The fire arose in the building basically can't be inhibited, that's why has been decided to create the act about the stricter regulation of fire protection of the use of  plants, buildings, about the so called requirements regarding the RWA units in the decree no. 9/2008 (II.22) of ÖTM, the decree has been valid since the 22nd of May 2008.

Spread of smoke and gases in the building


 We deal with the planning, execution of RWA-systems.  

Smoke- and heat exhausting system elements:

  • Electronic center (it is the most important unit, it processes the incoming signs, determins the importance order and transmits commands to the RWA units).
  • Smoke- and heat exhausting opening (electrically operating windows)
  • Automatic smoke- and heat sensors (quick recognition of smoke gases)
  • Manual fire alarm (it alarms also the fire brigade)
  • Manual transmitter
  • Further supplementary system elements

Please note seriously the stricter requirements, don't play with the life of human beings or as we say, don’t play with fire!

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