Power monitoring

First of all we offer it for public buildings, factories, banks, data centers, office buildings and large consumers. Because of the continuously increasing energy prices and rational thinking there is a higher demand to reduce the energy consumption of the given company, site or building group.

  • Would you like to reduce the energy costs of your company?
  • Would you like to measure also the parameters of other energies besides the measuring of electricity consumption in order to reduce consumption?
  • Would you like to share your costs according to the cost centers?
  • Is it important at your company to supply continuous power?

For your problems the solution should be the networks' energy supervision system of Schneider Electric Power Logic System. Our company undertakes to build out the power supervision system from the network survey, through the planning to the complete execution, and in the meantime giving advice and technical solutions to the Client. At the completion of the system's installation we are going to point out the documentation and the deep training, because this is the base of the proper and efficient operation.

3+1 reasons why you should select the power supervision system Power Logic System (PLS):

1. Reducing consumption costs 

  • Better knowledge about the consumption data
  • Checking of consumption peaks and optimizing the service contract.
  • Managing of shut down and intervening in the system

2. Settlement of account in accordance with the cost places

  • Cost splitting according to the client's requirements
  • Appearance of the consumption according to the cost places also in money

3. Increasing of the continuous operation

  • Full use of the plant's capacity
  • Exploration of the failures' reasons
  • Analyze of the electric distribution system's parameters

+1. Increasing of the quality properties of the network

  • Increasing of the reliability of the electric power system and optimizing of the operation costs.
  • Check of the overtone and other disturbance signs
  • Minor maintenance costs

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