History of the company

The predecessor of our company operated as Elektromos Szövetkezet Automatika Service in the middle of the 1970s.  We carried out the warranty service activities as the representative in Hungary of the companies Staefa, Cerberus, Defensor and Westinghouse.

  • 1992: Our company seceded from the Elektromos Szövetség and has been formed to a Kft. (Co.Ltd.), this time with 51% ownership of ELSZÖV Rt. 
  • 1994: The ELSZÖV-Automatika Kft. became 100% the private property of the employees.
  • 1996: We became the contractual party of Landis&Staefa.  
  • 2000: Our company received ISO-qualification  
  • 2002: We have received the title "Qualified Siemens Equipment Manufacturer ".
  • 2003: We became an official contractual party of SIEMENS Building Technologies and SIEMENS Cerberus and both of our companies changed to the qualification of ISO9001:2000 
  • 2005: We became an official contractual party of the building supervision systems of Schneider Electric TAC and we have received the title "Schneider Electric's Accentuated Montage Partner"  
  • 2006: We became the partner of Schneider Electric PLS (electric supervision systems)
  • 2009: We extended our service portfolio by the planning, execution and maintenance of heat- and smoke exhaust (RWA) systems
  • 2013: Our company moved to new headquarters and our office capacity doubled
  • 2013: We undertake complete building electric execution as well
  • 2014: Our portfolio has been increased by thermo camera diagnostics.