Who we are, what do we do?

One of the defining expectations of today is that our buildings, offices and factories should be more reliable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and able to be automated.

It means:

We need "properly functioning buildings"

We plan and execute our building automation systems in accordance with this spirit, which is first of all built on reliable products of Siemens.

We undertake the planning and execution of building technology automation and related high voltage systems on the territory of entire Hungary, from submitting an offer to the handing over. 

We undertake the manufacturing of different distribution boxes in our own workshop from the simplest apartment distributors, through the building automatic distributors to the 3200A main distributors with bu. We build our distribution boxes mainly with Schneider, Siemens, Rittal and ABB elements. We install, cable and commission the high-voltage and automatic boxes on the site.

We have extended the circle of our services since the 1st of January 2006 by the planning and installing of energy monitoring systems, so that we now also undertake the fulfillment of the demands our partners related to the optimal power use of them. 

Our trade activity is directed first of all to the distribution and  sales of the Defensor humidor devices, on demand we undertake also the maintenance and servicing of the devices. 


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  Géza Baranyai               Attila Kovács
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