Our company considers as an important issue to support social organizations and civil initiatives.
We consider as an accentuated issue the initiatives connected to the development, education and sport of the next generation.


We have followed and supported the education work carried out in the
Pető Institute, which tries to provide for children beyond everyday routines,
events to fill the life of the children with experiences.

We have supported Mr. Áron Méder, who went around the Globe
in a sailboat less than 6 meters in size. His indefatigableness,
bravery and diligence should be an example for many.

It is good to work and do sports in a team. Responsibility for others, 
managerial skills, fairness, purposeful lifestyle, solidarity, hard-working, 
honesty and modesty become dominant values for the individuals. 
Achieving and maintaining the above virtues is the same important
for the operation of a company, and in the case of team sports as well. 
ELSZÖV-Automatika Kft. helped Hungarian Handball Federation with
a financial support in the year 2015.