Thermal photography


  • Have been increased the costs of the production? 
  • Do you guess an electric failure, but you don't know where the problem is? 
  • Do you detect overheating? 

For your problems the most efficient and cheapest solution of the thermovision check (thermal photography). The thermovision examination is the only method how to make visible and visualize the disorderly warming up, operation or execution failures, also before they might result severe problems.

Its benefits:

  • Nondestructive procedure
  • It can be done during operation, under operation conditions
  • Also the overtones can be measure, which causing the warming up
  • The time of the maintenances and repairs can be planned and optimized.
  • Increased lifetime
  • The operation costs can be reduced

The principle of the check by a thermal camera: Every materials continuously discharges energy in the form of electromagnetic waves because of its heat content, that's why the functional or execution failures can be immediately detected by infrared test before they might result severe problems. A high resolution thermal camera supplies data above the given object, system, then a protocol will be prepared, so that the client becomes unambiguously aware of failures. In the case of our company the base of the examination is if any failure arises on part or overheating can be detected on its distribution parts. Based on it we will know, how urgent it is, what kind of disclaiming action we need. We carry out the thermograph-check by modern measuring instruments. 
It is proved by international data that the damages would have been prevented by thermal camera check for a service price of 1.5% of the damages' values. "Save time, energy, money, use the thermovision check!"

We undertake the heat photography and check by thermal cameras exclusively of electric systems and distribution boxes!

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