Full electrical installation for industrial facilities, office buildings and educational institutions.

  • Implementation
  • Additional warranty
  • Special requests
  • Tests and measurements
    • In our electrical installation projects, we work with qualified subcontractors and state-of-the-art equipment.
    • Work is managed by our own highly-trained project and installation managers, whose expertise is guaranteed by many years of experience and continuous training.
    • The distributors (main distributors, secondary distributors and control boards) required for the projects are assembled and tested in our own workshop.
    • Before starting implementation, we visit the location to assess the demand and select the appropriate materials and technology needed for the most efficient fulfillment of needs.
    • As part of our additional warranty service, we provide up to 5 years of warranty, in conditions of regular maintenance, on the systems we install.
    • We operate a 24-hour on-call system to prevent and solve potential issues at short notice.
  • Custom solutions (based on our experience in the pharmaceutical and automotive industry):

    • Establishment of temporary networks (during construction)
    • Explosion-proof systems (lighting, network and engine operation)
    • Cleanroom installations
    • Emergency and safety lighting systems
    • Complete feed switchover systems
    • During our maintenance, we are looking for eventual faults by using thermal imaging diagnostics, circuit breaker tests and checks of the emergency lighting system
  • Tests at the end of implementation:

    • Inspection before commissioning
    • Shock protection evaluation
    • Insulation resistance measurement
    • Lighting level measurement
    • Lightning protection measurement
    • Explosion protection measurements
    • FAT and SAT protocols and tests

electrical installation of buildings