Full electrical installation for industrial facilities, office buildings and educational institutions.

Our company undertakes to carry out the comprehensive electrical execution of industrial facilities, office buildings and institutions, involving heavy current, low current or building automation.
From the very beginning, continuously expanding our range of services has been one of the top priorities. Recently, we have decided to include electrical installation in our business. Our decision was supported by the increasing demand as well. We are happy to announce that since 2013 we have been able to provide complete electrical installation to our Customers.


  • Implementation
  • Additional warranty
  • Special requests
  • Tests and measurements
    • In our electrical installation projects, we work with qualified subcontractors and state-of-the-art equipment.
    • Work is managed by our own highly-trained project and installation managers, whose expertise is guaranteed by many years of experience and continuous training.
    • The distributors (main distributors, secondary distributors and control boards) required for the projects are assembled and tested in our own workshop.
    • Before starting implementation, we visit the location to assess the demand and select the appropriate materials and technology needed for the most efficient fulfillment of needs.
    • As part of our additional warranty service, we provide up to 5 years of warranty, in conditions of regular maintenance, on the systems we install.
    • We operate a 24-hour on-call system to prevent and solve potential issues at short notice.
  • Custom solutions (based on our experience in the pharmaceutical and automotive industry):

    • Establishment of temporary networks (during construction)
    • Explosion-proof systems (lighting, network and engine operation)
    • Cleanroom installations
    • Emergency and safety lighting systems
    • Complete feed switchover systems
    • During our maintenance, we are looking for eventual faults by using thermal imaging diagnostics, circuit breaker tests and checks of the emergency lighting system
  • Tests at the end of implementation:

    • Inspection before commissioning
    • Shock protection evaluation
    • Insulation resistance measurement
    • Lighting level measurement
    • Lightning protection measurement
    • Explosion protection measurements
    • FAT and SAT protocols and tests

electrical installation of buildings


For the electrical building installation quotation requests, our technical preparation team, depending on the details and information received, will do its best to give a quotation within 1 week.
In our industrial sector, there are no similar quotations, each project is different, requiring unique solutions.
Nevertheless, we need the following information to be able to prepare the quotation as quickly as possible, with as many technical details as possible:
We need to know the deployment plan, containing:

  • The budget plan
  • The technical description
  • A dimensional drawing, indicating the scale
  • A scheme drawing
  • A wiring diagram

In the lack of this information, we can only prepare our quotation with an extended deadline. 
During an on-site visit, considering the needs and possible extra requests of the Customer, we try to clarify and specify the available information in order to be able to implement an electrical building installation that is really cost-effective and operational in the long run.
In our quotation, we apply state-of-the-art solutions and materials in the electrical building installation sector.
If requested by the Customer, we offer alternatives for the planned technical solutions and products (replacing lighting bodies and fittings with other types with the same technical parameters).
This joint work is always followed by concluding a contract.


In addition to building automation, electrical installation services for buildings has taken up an ever greater share of our implementation portfolio. 
Since our building electrical installation projects are managed by experienced project managers and installation specialists, we are able to serve our Customers in an efficient, quick and flexible manner.
We help to choose the most suitable solution on the basis of the architectural characteristics of the establishment.
Before commencing installation works, our installation branch manager and our technical preparative team drafting the quotation discuss the details of the project, its technical and economical requirements, and the possible pitfalls. A project manager and a technical project team suited for the project size are appointed to coordinate the entire deployment process.   
The project manager and installation manager(s) consult the Customer as requested. They choose the most suitable subcontractors and suppliers required for each process. We place great emphasis on following labour safety requirements and on properly maintaining the construction log. Our Technical Managers in Charge, together with the construction manager and installation manager, direct the given project by on-site cooperation. Our assembly procedures are performed on the basis of our own Technological Instructions, broken down to sub-tasks, meeting the deadlines agreed upon with the Customer or Consignor.
During electrical installation, we choose the most suitable assembly technology solutions for the architectural character of the establishment.
After installation, our staff performs commissioning under the supervision of the project manager and installation manager. They precisely and expertly document the commissioning process, take the required measurements, and document this in records.
After commissioning the electrical building installation, at the end of the project, a complete acceptance documentation is handed over to the Customer both as a hard copy and in electronic form. We organise a training about the implemented systems for the operator team.


During the long years of operation, the electrical building installation needs inspection and maintenance in order to ensure its functionality. By regularly maintaining the system and by preventing related damage, malfunctions, partial or total shutdowns or the resulting production or financial losses can be avoided.
By paying attention to regular maintenance, operational costs can be significantly reduced in the long run.
Our maintenance staff, based on its professional experience, is able to perform specialist maintenance tasks, instantly replace the required parts, and provide advice on modifications and changes, scaling up, and extension of the system made necessary during operation. They use company vehicles, therefore, they can arrive at the site and start the troubleshooting process in a short time.
Our unique service is heat camera based diagnostics, which enables us to provide an even more accurate picture of abnormal heat emissions, electric devices, and the status of electric cabling and transformers. 
We can perform the heat camera assessment during operation, in industrial conditions. This makes it possible to schedule and optimise the time and costs of maintenance and repairs, helping prevent failures.