Building electricity



Our company undertakes the complete electric execution of industrial and communal plants, passing the systems to be built out in accordance with the requirements, should it be high current or low current building automation.

We offer you the following services to building electric projects:

  • In the period before the execution we are going to carry out a survey on the site and we measure the exact demands, help to select the necessary matching materials and technology in order to be able to maximally serve the requirements.
  • The execution will be done by us by highly qualified professionals, involving qualified subcontractors.
  • The distributors necessary to the projects (main distributors, sub-distributors, control distributors) will be assembled and tested by us in our own workshop.


Special solutions - to execution works

Our company - based on several experiences of pharmaceutical factory and car factory - undertakes also the execution of such special systems as:

  • Building out of a temporary network (during construction)
  • RB-systems (lighting, network, operation of motors)
  • Erections in clean spaces
  • Emergency and safety lighting systems
  • Complete switch over systems for power supply

Special solutions - to the maintenance

We are able to provide special solutions in the field of maintenance as well, similar to the execution.

  • Examinations by thermal camera
  • Interrupters' tests
  • Test of inverter lamps


Our additional services:

  • Stage checks at the end of the execution works: 
    • Inspections before the first commissioning
    • Measuring regarding protection against electric shock
    • Measuring of isolation resistance
    • Measuring of lighting
    • Measuring regarding protection against lightning
    • Ex- measurements
    • FAT, SAT protocols and tests
  • 5 years warranty or warranty forever (exclusively for electric systems installed by us, at regular maintenance)
  • 0-24 hours services in charge (exclusively for such clients which have maintenance contract with us) In the frames on every day of the week we are available with short arrival times at the sites, also or employee for erection and software work is continuously in charge)

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